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  • Amy D. Byrne, LMFT

Amy D. Byrne Healing Therapy

Sometimes, life can be difficult to deal with. Many things can come up in our lives that get us off track. Many feelings can be suppressed that simply aren't healthy for us. Having someone that you can trust to discuss life's tough moments with can mean the difference in being healthy or unhealthy.

When you or someone you know is looking for hope and healing, having the right person to help you can be paramount in getting your life back on the right track. Adults as well as children can need a helping hand when it comes to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress. Parenting as well as relationships can be hard to maneuver, especially when you don't have someone to listen to your story. Grief, loss and sexual abuse can be very hard for anyone to overcome on their own. Having a therapist that can offer advice and be an educated sounding board can bring a more successful outcome. An outcome that is healthier and life-changing.

Many children, teens and adults can benefit from therapy. Children and teens can experience issues at school with things such as bullying or feeling left out. They can also experience issues at home, such as parents separating. Having someone outside of the family that they can communicate with can be very helpful. If your child needs hope and healing, Amy may be the person that your child needs to provide that.

Couples that are experiencing difficulties in their marriage or that are having trouble parenting their children can also find help. Parenting can be hard and so can relationships. Having someone to help you overcome those difficult times can be a huge game changer for those in need. Counseling that is based on faith is always available and you can simply let her know that you would like faith-based counseling.

Emotional and somatic conditions can be dealt with using brainspotting, which allows Dr. Byrnes to access unprocessed trauma. Trauma can contribute to depression as well as anxiety. Being able to work through that can take a professional that knows how to spot it and how to get to the core of it. There is hope and healing for everyone that is in need.

Many forms of insurance are taken that will allow families to get the care that they need to work through difficult times. People are important, families are important and children are important. Knowing how to help them get through hard times is her priority and she has the knowledge and experience to help.

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